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New discoveries may help treat herpes

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Herpes is the virus responsible for causing conditions ranging from chickenpox and shingles to cold sores and genital herpes. A new understanding of the way this virus spreads through the body could help scientists develop new treatments for genital herpes, a chronic condition, and other forms of the virus as well.

New findings in the spread of the virus
The new study, from Lund University published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society, found that the herpes virus vastly increases internal pressure within the cell, which causes infected cells to spew out virus genes at a great speed. This allows the sexually transmitted disease to spread more easily through the body and infect more cells.

The results of the study gave researchers hope that they may be able to develop a medication that could reduce the internal pressure in cells in those who have tested positive for herpes from STD tests. This could help to reduce the spread of the disease, according to Healthday News. New treatments could even work on strains of the herpes virus that have mutated, since all mutations of the disease put internal pressure on cells.

Current medications are often unable to fight mutations of the disease, so the new findings provide hope for those with the condition.

Herpes in the U.S.
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that more than 750,000 people are infected with herpes each year. It typically travels from infected men to women.

Symptoms of the disease include blisters around the genitals, mouth or anus. Those who experience these symptoms should seek STD testing to be sure that they do not spread the disease to others. Those who have sores that may be associated with genital herpes should be careful when engaging in sexual activities, as the disease can spread from open sores to many other parts of the body.

Complications from the disease include an increased chance of becoming infected with HIV and AIDS. HIV can more easily enter the body through the sores that arise from herpes infections. Those who may have this disease should know that it is manageable and may want seek out a lab test online to be sure of their status.

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