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Hi! I’m glad you’re here, let me tell you a little about us.

Jean-Pierre Khoueiri
February, 2024

Since 2005 we’ve worked to rethink what it means to get convenient CLIA certified clinical blood test checkups for adults and kids, while safeguarding your privacy. We do this from over 4000 partner locations around the USA.

The days of slogging through tangled webs to get information about your health are behind us.

We help you quickly eliminate possible causes of issues and concerns, getting to the bottom of things with fast lab results at great prices.

We give you, as the primary driver in the journey of your life, the keys and map to the first step towards understanding what and why things are happening to you.

From funny feelings, to pains, discomfort, annoyances, serious infections, illness and bacterias, a clinical blood test can unlock clear insights to understanding what might or might not be the cause of human health issues.

We started nearly 20 years ago with a fax machine, in an era before it was easy to pay online and when building a simple website cost millions.

This is to say, we’ve been at this for a long time and care about you and your well being. We plan on being here another 101 years.

We are dedicated to creating the most convenient place for you to shop for the first step in 80% of all health care decisions, a blood test.

We actively focus on improving your experience by simplifying options, streamlining checkout and adding more test options.

We strive to give you fast, caring customer support when you need it and where you like it, whether phone, text or email.

We invest in technology and our team to constantly seek out improvements even if it only helps 1 human.

It’s not always easy but we get it done and love it.

We are Private MD Labs. We care about you.

And if you’re here, then it’s clear you care about yourself.

Since we have that in common, let's keep caring together.

Jean-Pierre Khoueiri, ceo