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How it works

Ordering a blood test with us is easy, private & backed by the power of science. Long story short:

  1. Pick your test or let us lend a hand in finding the perfect option. Shoot us a text message, email, or give us a ring — we've got your back, and reply quickly.
  2. We'll create your doctor's lab order remotely, you won't have to make a trip to a doctor in person.
  3. Visit one of the 4,000 labs on our handy–dandy list and just bring your ID — no printing or faxing necessary. Your order will already be in the lab system. Get your results via email & SMS and dive into understanding your body better. Yup, that easy!
How it works

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Choose a test

We make finding the right test a walk in the park!

  • In the test options, use smart filters or the search box to narrow down your choices and find the test that speaks to you.
  • Need a hand navigating through options? Text our super-friendly support team at 754-799-7833, and we'll provide tailored suggestions to help you find the ideal test.
Choose a test
Pick a labt

Pick a lab

During the ordering process, select a specific lab near you with no strings attached. If needed, you can switch it up later easily! Visit any of our authorized locations as long as it's the same lab company you selected your test for.

  • If you opt for a Quest Diagnostics test, simply head over to any of our Quest Diagnostics locations. Your lab order works at all labs on our list.
  • The same goes for LabCorp. If you've ordered a LabCorp test, feel free to use your LabCorp order at any of our LabCorp locations. The choice is yours!
  • Before you proceed with your order, feel free to browse through all our lab locations below. This will give you the peace of mind of knowing that there's a lab nearby your home, office or your favorite gym.

Get a doctor's lab order

Once your order is confirmed, we'll work our magic and create your personalized doctor's lab order (requisition).

  • Expect to receive your doctor's lab order right by email. It will also be in your patient portal if you need to find it later.
  • If this is your first time ordering, you'll be prompted to create a password for instant access to your very own patient portal. It's a quick way to conveniently review your orders and results whenever you want.
  • No need to print or fax your requisition as labs will have it in their system.
Get a doctor's lab order
Visit a lab

Visit a lab

Once you place your order, it's time to book an appointment at the lab nearest to you.

  • You'll find a button to schedule your lab appointment below the order summary on the confirmation page.
  • Most labs don't accept walk-ins so it's best to book an appointment in advance. Planning ahead is the way to go!
  • You can also easily schedule a lab appointment via your patient portal or by following the link provided in the email with your requisition.

Get your results

After your blood draw, hang tight and don't worry—we'll keep you in the loop!

  • Most test results will be available within 3-6 business days.
  • Once they're ready, we'll shoot you an email and a text message.
  • For each test, you can either download the standard PDF just like it comes from the lab or use our brand-new Smart Health Reports feature, which provides helpful insights & easy-to-read graphs for each biomarker.
Get your results