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A Guide on How to Order Lab Tests Online

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Ordering a test from Private MD Labs is safe, secure, confidential and best of all, an easy process.  The basic steps are simple:

  • Choose the test(s) to be ordered
  • Select your lab location
  • Pay online
  • Receive your requisition via email
  • Print your requisition for testing and take it to the lab location you selected for specimen collection, or contact us at (877) 283-7882 to fax your requisition to the lab
  • Access your results online and share them with your personal physician (if necessary)

Below is a more detailed explanation of the above steps to help you maneuver the website and with the ordering process:

To locate a test on our website www.privatemdlabs.com you can use any of the three options below:

From the menu on the left side of the page:

  • Click on "All Tests" for an alphabetical listing of the tests currently available on our site. 
  • Enter a brief search term in the Search Box located at the top of the page and click "Go", the system will search the names of the test, the test description and the includes section of the information for each test listed on our website and display the results matching your search criteria.
  • Place your mouse on “Test Categories” and select the category of interest from the options available from the menu, the system will display the tests associated with the selected category.

Once you locate the test(s) you want to order, or would like to know more about, click on "more info" and the window will expand with information about that specific test.  To order, click “add to cart” and follow the prompts through the ordering process.  At the completion of your order, a page will be displayed providing you with a printable receipt, your order number and information on what will happen next.

When your order is received, a requisition will be created for you to take with you to the lab for testing.  This requisition will be uploaded to our secure patient portal of the website and you will receive an email notification informing you that your requisition is available (this will be the second email you will receive related to your order). For your convenience, the requisition will also be attached to the email itself.  Please click on the link within that notification email to be directed to the secure patient portal, if this is your first time ordering you will be prompted to create a password and then have the ability to login. 

A successful login to the communications area will take you to the Patient Area Home page. This is the area in which you will be able to select what you would like to do.  Select "Downloads" from the menu at the top of the page or "Download/View lab requisitions and test results" from the bullet point options.  The Downloads page will contain a history of your orders and provide an option to view the documents associated with each order, by clicking on the word "Download Requisition/Results" to the right of the order number.  Please read the communication accompanying the order, as it contains specific instructions for the test(s) to be performed, information regarding the requisition, and the address of the lab location you chose during the ordering process. This is also the area for you to print your requisition to take to the lab. After printing your lab requisition papers, which is your requisition for testing, you may proceed to the Patient Service Center you selected for specimen collection. Appointment requirements vary by location, please verify the location selected allows walk-ins prior to going to the lab for specimen collection without an appointment. Please call or email us if you do not have access to a printer and need the lab requisition papers faxed to the lab.

Please be aware, without the requisition, the lab will not perform the test(s), as the requisition for testing is required for testing to be performed.  If you have an order from your personal physician, please do not provide both orders at the lab as this could result in billing discrepancies from the laboratory collecting and processing the specimens.  Only providing the requisition issued to you from Private MD Labs will ensure the billing for the services is sent to Private MD Labs. 

Once your results are available you will receive another email notification informing you that your results are available, you will login and access your results the same way you accessed your requisition. If you do not receive your emails from us in your inbox, please be sure to check your spam/junk folder for emails from [email protected] as many times the notification emails will be marked as spam/junk due to the link and/or our address not being listed in your contacts or safe recipients list.If your results are abnormal, we advise that you seek professional medical attention.

Orders via telephone may be placed between 8:00AM - 4:30PM (Eastern Time) Monday through Friday.

Online orders placed after normal business hours (Monday - Friday after 4:30PM Eastern Time) or on weekends and/or holidays are periodically checked and processed at various times during off hours or will be processed on the following business day.

Due to state laws, we cannot provide services for RESIDENTS of or in the states of NY, NJ or RI.

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