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Terms and Conditions

When placing orders via telephone, you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions.

Private MD Lab Services is an online lab test purchasing service. By using this service, you agree to be bound by the following terms & conditions. Private MD Lab Services reserves the right to make changes to the terms & conditions at any time. Changes will be effective immediately upon posting of the modified terms & conditions. We are not required to notify you of changes to our Terms and Conditions.  Permission to use this site is at the discretion of Private MD Lab Services and may be terminated at any time for any reason.

1. You agree that you are over the age of 18 and the person being tested is at least 18 years of age.

2. You agree that the information you submit during the course of purchasing a lab test from Private MD Lab Services is truthful and accurate.

3. You agree not to copy any images, text, or structure from this website. You also agree not to use the website for illegal purposes.

4. You agree to use the site according to the instructions and intended use and not to disclose your password to any other users.

5. You agree to abide by the purchase and refund policies of Private MD Lab Services. Refunds are only permitted prior to submission of urine or blood specimens to a Patient Service Center for testing. Refund amounts will be 75% of the original purchase price.  No refund after 21 days from receipt of payment. Refunds are only issued for payments made using a credit card, any form of alternate payments method used are not eligible for refunds.

6. You agree that a lab test purchased through Private MD Lab Services does not constitute medical advice and will not diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or condition. You also agree that the lab test results can be inaccurate through no fault of Private MD Lab Services. You understand the service provided by Private MD Lab Services is a service provided at your request and not suggested by our staff physician.  As an online service we do not have a traditional doctor-patient relationship and do not provide CPT codes, diagnosis codes or provider information in order to file insurance claims.

7. The materials on the site are provided "as is" without any express or implied warranty of any kind including warranties of merchantability, no infringement of intellectual property or fitness for a particular purpose. Private MD Lab Services offers no assurance of uninterrupted or error free service. Private MD Lab Services does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of the information, text, graphics, links or other items contained on the site. Any of the information offered on the site may change at any time without notice.

8. Information on this website is for informational purposes only. Private MD Lab Services makes no express or implied warranties, representations or endorsements whatsoever with regard to the services provided. Private MD Lab Services shall not be liable for any cost or damage arising either directly or indirectly from any transactions conducted or information conveyed on the website. It is solely your responsibility to evaluate the accuracy, completeness and usefulness of all opinions, advice, services, merchandise and other information provided through the Service.

9. Indemnification. You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Private MD Lab Services, its officers, directors, employees, agents, licensors, suppliers and any third party information providers to the Service from and against all losses, expenses, damages and costs, including reasonable attorneys' fees, resulting from any violation of this Agreement by you.

10. You agree to a $15 administration fee to be charged (or deducted from any unused credit balances) for each request to change your order once your order has been processed.

11. Unused requisitions for orders will no longer be valid after 6 months from the original purchase date, no credit or additional services will be provided in exchange for unused requisitions after 6 months from the original purchase date. Please note, requisitions that have not been used within 6 months from the date they are issued expire, are purged and are no longer valid for use.

12. Discount coupon codes issued by Private MD Lab Services are issued as a courtesy to our customers.  Orders placed that do not meet the requirements or after expiration will be processed without the discount.  Coupons are not redeemable for cash and cannot be applied when using in-house credits.  Adjustments, credits and/or refunds for discount codes not entered at the time of ordering will not be issued.

HIV Testing Consent (only applies when ordering an HIV test)

The purpose of this form is to document that I or my physician have requested a blood test (on blood drawn from a vein in my arm) for the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV).  HIV is the cause of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS).  The requested blood test(s) are used to detect HIV antibody or HIV DNA by either ICMA, Multispot Rapid Test, ELISA, Western Blot or other laboratory technology. 

I have been informed that the tests can produce false positive and false negative results.  I have also been informed that screening tests fail to detect anti-HIV for a period of time immediately after infection with the virus (early post-exposure period).  I understand that re-testing or alternative HIV RNA testing is a recommended option if it is suspected that post exposure testing has pre-dated the required period for conversion to positive HIV status. 

I acknowledge that the results of the HIV test will become part of my medical record.  The confidentiality of my medical record will be maintained as per HIPAA regulations.  I further understand that with my consent, my physician or other designated health care provider may review the results for medical reasons.  I also understand that, as required by applicable law,  positive test results must be reported to the appropriate State Health Division. 

I have read the previous information and I understand it.  By checking the box on the order form, I acknowledge that I have given my consent for the performance of an HIV blood test(s) and that my questions regarding this blood testing process, release of results and benefits as well as limitations of this testing have been satisfactorily answered.

Updated: 01/08/2014

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