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Anemia Tests:

Our Anemia tests assess patients for the level of iron in their blood, which may or may not point to an anemic disorder caused by a deficiency of the mineral.

Chemistry Panel Test:

Our Chemistry Panel (SMAC 25) test is a comprehensive blood panel used to determine the general health status of a patient. It can be useful in diagnosing certain conditions or assisting in finding the cause of symptoms. Also offerered are the Chemistry Panel and Chemistry Panel with Lipids.

Child Caregiver Infectious Disease Profile Test:

Our Child Caregiver Infectious Disease Profile tests for a variety of communicable diseases, and is ideal for those who are in contact, or may come into contact, with children. It is often part of the hiring process in healthcare and childcare facilities, in addition to those who employ nannies and other childcare workers.

Cholesterol Tests:

Our Cholesterol tests check patients for acceptable levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in their blood, which can give them an indication whether or not they are at risk for heart disease or stroke.

Complete Blood Count (CBC) Tests:

Our Complete Blood Count (CBC) tests offer patients a comprehensive overview of their blood health, which includes the number of red and white blood cells, as well as platelets, which can be useful in determining the cause of some blood-borne conditions.

Comprehensive Wellness Tests:

Our Comprehensive Wellness tests give patients a broad indication of their health status, including testing on kidney and liver function, blood counts, urinalysis and other health factors depending on those being selected.

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) Test:

Our Dihydrotestosterone test measures a patient’s blood for DHT, which not only plays a role in causing male pattern baldness, but can also cause prostate issues, lower bone density and muscle strength, and decreased sex drive and sperm production in men.

Electrolyte Test:

The Electrolyte Panel is a blood test used to measure a patient’s levels of electrolytes and carbon dioxide in their blood.

Gastrointestinal Disease Tests:

Our Gastrointestinal Disease tests can help determine the presence of many stomach diseases that are associated with stomach infection. Most cases of stomach ulcers, gastritis, and stomach cancer are caused by Helicobacter Pylori infection.

Hepatitis A Tests:

Our Hepatitis A tests determine whether or not a patient has been exposed to the hepatitis A virus, a viral infection of the liver, and is currently carrying the infection.

Infectious Disease Tests:

An infectious disease is a sickness that happens when an organism (a living thing such as a plant or animal) is attacked by a pathogen.

Infertility Tests:

Infertility tests are performed to determine the reasons why a female cannot become pregnant.

Kidney Disease Tests:

There are many types of kidney diseases. People can have mild renal failure and have no symptoms. As long as it does not become worse, people may not even know they have it. There are many types of kidney diseases. People can have mild renal failure and have no symptoms. As long as it does not become worse, people may not even know they have it.

Lactic Acid Tests:

Our Lactic Acid test measures a patient’s blood for appropriate levels of lactic acid, which may indicate serious health issues, and in the case of lactic acidosis could be life-threatening.

Liver Function Tests:

Liver disease (also called hepatic disease) is a broad term describing any single number of diseases affecting the liver. Many are accompanied by jaundice caused by increased levels of bilirubin in the system.

Musculoskeletal Disorder Tests:

Diseases of the musculoskeletal system mostly encompass functional disorders or motion discrepancies; the level of impairment depends specifically on the problem and its severity. Articular (of or pertaining to the joints) disorders are the most common.

Pancreatitis Test:

Our Pancreatitis test assesses patients for the amount of lipase and amylase present in their blood, which may be an indication of pancreatitis if levels are abnormal.

Phosphorous Test:

Our Phosphorous test measures the amount of phosphate present in a patient’s blood. Phosphorous is used in bone and tooth repair, nervous system functioning and muscle contraction.

Prostate Tests.

Protein Tests:

Our Protein tests measure a patient’s blood for protein, which is critical for tissue growth and healing, as well as assisting in the delivery of materials throughout the bloodstream.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Test:

Our Rheumatoid Arthritis test is used to diagnose patients with rheumatoid arthritis, check on the effectiveness of treatments for RA, as well as possibly indicate the presence of other autoimmune diseases in an individual.

Urinalysis Tests:

Our Urinalysis tests assess a patient’s urine sample or a wide range of health-related components, which can be useful in diagnosing medical conditions such as diabetes, kidney infections or kidney stones.

Sedimentation Rate Test:

Our Sedimentation Rate test checks a patient’s blood for how quickly the red blood cells settle in a test tube over 60 minutes, with abnormalities potentially pointing to the presence of inflammation, infection or other conditions.

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Tests:

Therapeutic drug monitoring tests are tests that measure the amount of medication levels in blood. Its main focus is on drugs with a narrow therapeutic range, i.e. drugs that can easily be under- or overdosed.

Thyroid Tests:

Thyroid function tests (TFTs) is a collective term for blood tests used to check the function of the thyroid.

Wellness Tests for Men:

Our Wellness Tests for Men assess male patients for a wide range of health-related issues depending on the test selected, including kidney and liver function, prostate health, cholesterol, testosterone and thyroid function.

Wellness Tests for Women:

Our Wellness Tests for Women assess female patients for a variety of health-related issues depending on the test selected, including kidney and liver function, cholesterol, estrogen and thyroid function.

Vitamin Tests:

Our Vitamin tests give patients the option of screening their blood for a single vitamin or as a comprehensive vitamin panel, which can be used to identify vitamin and nutrient deficiencies in an individual.


  1. What is general wellness testing?

    General wellness testing is used to assess an individual's overall health and well-being. It can include tests for physical health, mental health, and social health.

  2. What tests are included in general wellness testing?

    General wellness testing can include a variety of tests, depending on the needs of the individual. Some common tests that may be included are:

    • Anemia tests
    • Chemistry panels
    • Complete Blood Count (CBC)
    • Comprehensive wellness tests
    • Electrolyte tests
    • Kidney disease tests
    • Protein tests
    • Urinalysis tests
    • Thyroid tests
  3. Why is general wellness testing important?

    General wellness testing can help identify potential health problems early when they are most treatable. It can also help you make informed decisions about your health and monitor any treatment you are undergoing for preexisting conditions.

  4. How often should general wellness testing be done?

    General wellness testing should be done in a yearly basis.

  5. What diseases can be diagnosed with general wellness testing?

    General wellness testing is a diagnostic procedure used to determine the presence or absence of various diseases and conditions. This procedure can detect many types of disease, including:

    • Anemia
    • Diabetes
    • Vitamin deficiencies
    • Hyperlipidemia
    • Liver and kidney disease
    • Infertility

    This test panel serves as a ground base for analyzing underlying health conditions. If any of your results are abnormal, speak to your doctor for guidance on further testing and treatment.

  6. Do I need to visit a doctor?

    Nope. You don't need a doctor's visit to get a test with us.

  7. How do I get my results?

    You'll get your results via email as soon as they are available. We will notify you via SMS as well. You can also see them at any time in the future right in your dashboard where you can easily share them with your professional and compare them side by side with future tests.

  8. Does my lab prescription expire?

    We're the only lab that honors your lab order forever.

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