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Lactic Acid Testing

Lactic Acid, Plasma (Quest Diagnostics)

Quest Price: $55.49

Lactic acid is the endproduct of the anaerobic metabolism of glucose. The blood lactic acid concentration is affected by its production in muscle cells and erythrocytes and its rate of metabolism in the liver. During exercise, blood lactate can increase up to ten times of normal levels.

A significant deviation from the normal range may require further evaluation by your physician.

Alternative Names(s): Lactate; Plasma Lactate.

Lactate; Plasma Lactate. Estimated turnaround for results is 5 business days.

Patient Instructions:



Lactic Acid, Plasma (LabCorp)

LabCorp Price: $65.99

Hypoperfusion is the most common cause of lactic acidosis and hyperlactacidemia may be the only marker of tissue hypoperfusion.

Includes: Lactate; Plasma Lactate.

Patient Instructions: Patient should not be on any intravenous infusion that would affect the acid-base balance. Patient should be in a fasting and resting state (should not exercise).

What is a Lactic Acid Test?

A Lactic Acid test measures the amount of lactic acid, which is mostly manufactured by muscle tissue and red blood cells, present in a patientís body. An individualís lactic acid levels rise during or soon after strenuous activities, or as a result of heart failure, severe infection, or shock, and can decrease the flow of blood and oxygen in the body. These levels can also be increased in patients with liver damage or disease, as the liver participates in the breakdown of lactic acid. High levels can result in a serious condition known as lactic acidosis, which at times may be life-threatening.

Who May Need a Lactic Acid Test?

Lactic Acid tests are often performed on individuals who exhibit certain signs and symptoms of lactic acidosis, which include rapid breathing, excessive sweating, cool and/or clammy skin, abdominal pain, nausea or vomiting, disorientation, and coma. It is also useful in determining whether a patient has the proper amount of oxygen in their tissues, as well as a way to discover the cause of high amounts of acid in a patientís blood.

What Should I Expect from My Lactic Acid Test?

Your Lactic Acid test begins by a blood sample being taken which can help a physician determine if there are any reasons for concern regarding your health. Patients should refrain from eating prior to the test for approximately 8-10 hours. In addition, patients should also make certain they have not exercised prior to the test or undergone any other form of strenuous activity, as it may affect the results of the test. Common reference ranges do exist among lactic acid results, though some labs may have different ranges for you and your physician. Speak to your doctor regarding your results to get more information on how they concern you and your health specifically.

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