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Female Ultimate Checkup w/NMRŽ Add to Wishlist   $305.99
Female Ultimate Checkup w/NMRŽ

Description: The Female Ultimate Checkup w/NMRŽ™ is our comprehensive unisex testing package with the addition of the Total Estrogens, TSH, CA-125 and the NMR LipoProfileŽ with Insulin Resistance Markers tests.

Significant deviations from the normal range may require further evaluation by your physician.

NMR LipoProfileŽ with Insulin Resistance Markers: Insulin resistance markers; lipoprotein particle number (LDL and HDL); lipoprotein subfractions; standard lipid panel (total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, triglycerides). Graph is not provided.
Complete Blood Count (CBC) with Differential: (Hematocrit; hemoglobin; mean corpuscular volume (MCV); mean corpuscular hemoglobin (MCH); mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration (MCHC); red cell distribution width (RDW); percentage and absolute differential counts; platelet count; red cell count; white blood cell count; immature granulocytes)
C-Reactive Protein (CRP), High Sensitivity (Cardiac Risk Assessment)
Comprehensive Metabolic Profile (CMP) (includes eGFR)
: (A:G ratio; albumin, serum; alkaline phosphatase, serum; ALT (SGPT); AST (SGOT); bilirubin, total; BUN; BUN:creatinine ratio; calcium, serum; carbon dioxide, total; chloride, serum; creatinine, serum; globulin, total; glucose, serum; potassium, serum; protein, total, serum; sodium, serum.)
- Liver Function test (included within the CMP)
- Kidney Function test (included within the CMP)
- Serum Electrolytes (included within the CMP)
Iron, Serum w/TIBC: Percent of saturation; serum iron; total iron binding capacity; unsaturated iron binding capacity
Urinalysis, Complete Profile: Color; appearance; specific gravity; pH; protein; glucose; occult blood; ketones; leukocyte esterase; nitrite; bilirubin; urobilinogen; microscopic examination of urine sediment.
CA-125 (Ovarian Cancer Test)
Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone (TSH)
Total Estrogens Test

Patient Instructions: Patient should fast for 12-14 hours before collection of the specimen. This test may exhibit interference when sample is collected from a person who is consuming a supplement with a high dose of biotin (also termed as vitamin B7 or B8, vitamin H or coenzyme R). It is recommended to stop biotin consumption at least 72 hours prior to the collection of specimen.

Estimated turnaround for results is 5 business days. If confirmation testing is required, the estimated time may be extended.

Categories: General Wellness, Female Specific Tests, Fitness, Nutrition and Anti-Aging

Price: $305.99   Add To Cart

Male Ultimate Checkup w/ NMRŽ  Add to Wishlist   $255.99
NMR LipoProfileŽ with Insulin Resistance Markers Add to Wishlist 
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Ultimate Checkup w/ NMRŽ Add to Wishlist   $235.99
Ultimate NMRŽ Healthy Heart Cholesterol Profile Add to Wishlist   $202.99

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