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Online Blood Tests Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why Should I Use Private MD Labs

  • Are these test results accurate?
  • Are the results confidential?
  • Do you accept other forms of payment besides credit cards?
  • Can I get a refund for tests ordered?
    Refunds are only permitted prior to submission of urine or blood specimens to a Patient Service Center for testing. Refund amounts will be 75% of the original purchase price. No refund after 21 days from receipt of payment. Refunds are only issued for payments made using a credit card, any form of alternate payments method used are not eligible for refunds.

    Your order never expires. Because of some regulations that we can't avoid, your requisition (prescription) automatically expires after 6 months, at which point we will issue you a new one at no cost when you're ready to take your tests. Because there is a cost involved in re-issuing your requisition, we ask that you refrain from requesting a re-issue until you're sure you will be going to the lab for your blood draw. We retain the right to not re-issue requisition orders at our own discretion without reason if we feel this policy is being abused. Reissued requisitions may not be transferred to another name. If the requisition associated with your order has expired and the tests ordered have increased in price, we reserve the right to issue a house credit to you for the amount of purchase to enable you to reorder and pay the difference in cost. We reserve the right to charge an administrative fee of $15 for re-issues under certain circumstances, like abuse, too many re-issues or unforeseen circumstances.
  • Can I test anonymously?
  • Can I use Private MD Labs if I am a resident of the state of NY, NJ or RI?

Questions About Preparing for Your Lab Test

Questions About Taking the Tests

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