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Hepatitis Panel, Acute

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90 day money-back

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Hepatitis Panel Acute, w/ Ref Confirmation (Quest Diagnostics) Next Day Results*
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  1. What is an acute Hepatitis panel?

    An acute Hepatitis panel is a frequently ordered blood test that distinguishes between different types of viral hepatitis: A, B, and C. Viral hepatitis causes fatigue and jaundice in most cases. Some people may also experience pain in their muscles, abdomen, or joints.

  2. When to test for acute versus chronic Hepatitis?

    The decision to test for acute or chronic hepatitis depends on the patient's clinical characteristics as well as the timing of their symptoms. Acute hepatitis is the sudden onset of signs and symptoms that last less than 6 months. Usually, it presents the following:

    • Jaundice
    • Fatigue
    • Nausea
    • Vomiting
    • Diarrhea

    Chronic Hepatitis lasts more than 6 months and usually is caused by hepatitis B or C viruses. Usually, no symptoms are present until severe consequences appear. Signs of alarm include:

    • Elevated liver enzymes
    • Liver damage over time
    • Cirrhosis
  3. What does non-reactive mean on an acute Hepatitis panel result?

    The results of the acute Hepatitis panel will be non-reactive if there is no evidence of active Hepatitis A, B or C at the time of testing. It means that no antibodies were produced because Hepatitis is not present.

  4. Do I need to visit a doctor?

    Nope. You don't need a doctor's visit to get a test with us.

  5. How do I get my results?

    You'll get your results via email as soon as they are available. We will notify you via SMS as well. You can also see them at any time in the future right in your dashboard where you can easily share them with your professional and compare them side by side with future tests.

  6. Does my lab prescription expire?

    We're the only lab that honors your lab order forever.

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