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Androstenedione Test Near You Copied !

Androstenedione with LC/MS

Next Day Results* HSA/FSA reimbursable
  • Pinpoint hormone imbalances affecting your mood
  • Reveal hidden causes of unexplained fatigue
  • Clarify reasons behind unexpected weight changes
  • You earn: 95 pts
    What's included
    • Androstenedione, LC/MS
    • This test is also known as:
    • 4-Androstenedione
    You get a detailed health insights report

    Evaluation of androgen production in hirsute females; less useful in evaluation of other aspects of virilization. Very elevated in congenital adrenal hyperplasia (adrenogenital syndrome) due to C21-hydroxylase deficiency.

    Test details HSA/FSA: reimbursable Results: first results available starting the next day, complete results in 4-6 business days Age: 18+
    You earn: 95 pts
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