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Who it's for

Trainers, coaches

You inspire people to push their limits. Now, help them understand what's happening inside their bodies.

Fitness influencers

Your followers trust your journey. Guide them beyond the gym with health checkups, showing that true fitness starts within.

Gym owners

Your space builds stronger bodies. Our health checkups build healthier lives. Together, let's create a community that's fit inside and out.

Health professionals

You heal, we reveal. Use our smart checkups to uncover deeper insights, empowering your patients to take control of their health.

Med spa owners

Beauty begins with wellness. Pair your treatments with our health checkups, revealing the inner secrets to lasting radiance.

Barbershop owners

You shape styles, we shape health. Offer our checkups and show clients you care about more than just their looks.

(746 reviews)

Simple path to feeling great. Real stories, real results ✨

🤝 Why become a Smart Ambassador™

Earn money

Earn generous commissions. The more you share, the more you earn.

Help others

Help others live longer and healthier. Share the gift of health with your followers.

Human support

Get all the help you need to succeed. We got your back.

What your clients get

Lab orders in minutes
No doctor visit needed
No extra fees, transparent pricing
Fast results, often within a day
4,000+ lab locations
Private, no info shared with insurers

⚡️ How it works

1. Sign up

Quick and easy registration

2. Share

Use your unique link to promote our services

3. Earn

Get paid for every referral that signs up

Once signed up, step into your ambassador control room. Here, you'll see lives changed, commissions earned, and have all the tools to amplify your impact.

Ready to make an impact?

If you have followers, you have the power to change lives. Become an ambassador today and start making money while helping others.

Apply to become a Smart Ambassador™ and make a difference in people's lives.

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Frequently asked questions

When you join the Private MD Labs ambassador program you gain the power to help your humans with their health.

Here’s a quick breakdown on how the tracking works.

Every time an order is made by clicking your link or using your code you get credited part of the sale value based on your current payout structure.

The person using your code also enjoys a discount they receive as a benefit of transacting from/through you. It’s a win-win.

Here’s our current ambassador program discount & payout structure:

Discount your client gets
Revenue you earn
15% off

If you have any questions, please text us at 754-799-7833 or email [email protected] and we'll gladly help you.

Making a positive impact on others' health feels good. Doing so, while also earning extra income, feels great!

Show anyone how to live smarter, be healthier, and lead a happy life by getting preventative health checkups easily.

As an ambassador you can help anyone prioritize regular checkups and in return, you'll earn a 10% ambassador affiliate fee for every order made through your unique coupon or link.

Plus, whoever purchases through you will get a 15% discount on their orders when they use your unique custom coupon or unique link, win-win!

To get started as an Ambassador, fill out the form above, and we'll send you details and next steps.

We send out ambassador affiliate payments monthly, for all transactions processed 45 days or more prior.

Payouts are usually issued on the 20th day of each month if it’s a weekday or the next business day.

To receive your ambassador affiliate payout, your earnings must meet or exceed $50 USD, the minimum payout threshold.

For example, if your commissions for February reach or surpass $50 USD, you'll receive your payout around April 20th.

If your commissions haven't reached $50, your payout will be processed at the payout cycle once you reach the $50 threshold.

Setting up your payment information to receive your ambassador affiliate payout is easy from your ambassador account.

Ambassador payouts are via PayPal or added to your Private MD Labs account as credits you can use for future orders either for yourself or others. If you don’t have PayPal, contact us and if your expected sales meet our criteria, we can assess other payment alternatives.

Tracking commissions is easy, log in to your Ambassador Portal using the email you provided while onboarding.

Once logged in, you can review sales data and access your unique ambassador link to share anywhere you like.

Yes, we can track both using either your discount code and/or using your link is enough for orders to be traced to you.

Your discount code will be linked to your Ambassador profile. Any ambassador affiliate fee generated from its use may be tracked through your Ambassador Portal.

Also, your discount code will automatically be added when a patient uses your link at checkout.

You are free to choose where and how you share your link, we approve and encourage your creativity! You know your audience better than anyone, we trust you will share the link where it's easier for your audience to take advantage of the discount.

  • In your Ambassador dashboard you will find content guidelines, social media templates and informative materials explaining the benefits of using our service & doing regular checkups to help you educate your audience.
  • Additionally, you can book a call with our Ambassador Success team member to answer any questions and assist you with your setup.
  • You don't have to worry about customer support either; our super-friendly support team is available 24/7 via SMS for quick assistance, whether for you or your followers placing orders directly. We can also help you respond to questions from your followers in the comments section of your social media posts. También hablamos Español :)

Your success is our top priority & we're here to help you shine.

Yes. All commissions earned through Private MD Labs are reportable to the IRS as taxable income if you’re an American citizen/resident. If you’re not an American citizen/resident you will be solely responsible for reporting and filing any taxable income to the tax authorities.

Private MD Labs takes our customer’s privacy very seriously. As a result, it’s not possible to display the names of customers who have made orders with your code.

However, you can notify us to add the option for your clients or followers to choose to share their results with you if they check out with your ambassador coupon or discount code.

We understand that your followers have specific needs, so you can guide them towards what you believe will help them the most. If there are a few tests you’d like to custom make for your audience, we can help create your own panels!

Yes. Custom panels are built upon request. You’ll be required to choose which tests are to be included in the panel. Make sure you give the panel a nice name too and we’ll set it up!

We can also create a custom landing page with your preferred panels so you can easily share them with your audience or place the orders for them.

We offer thousands of both common and rare tests covering anything your followers might want to order. Example tests you can get:

  1. Hormone tests
  2. Thyroid
  3. Vitamin
  4. Tumor screening
  5. Heart checkup
  6. Hair loss
  7. Skin issues

And much more…

For tests not visible / available on our website, you can request pricing.

Absolutely! When you register. as an Ambassador, you can choose what discount code you’ll want to share with your clients (as long as it’s not taken yet).

Not initially. But if you consistently sell over $5,000/month in tests, we can revisit this with you.

Not initially. But if you consistently sell over $5,000/month in tests, we can revisit this with you.

Your commission remains fixed regardless of the discount used, as it is based on a fixed percentage.

Ensure that your clients follow your link or coupon to make qualifying purchases that can be tracked back to you.

We advise against this and do not currently offer modifications to coupon percentages. We are open to feedback and improvements though, so you can always contact us with your ideas via text at 754-799-7833.