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Celiac Disease Testing

Celiac disease is a chronic digestive problem that affects the lining of the small intestine and blocks absorption of nutrients from food. The condition is characterized by a sensitivity to gluten (found in wheat, barley and rye) that causes inflammation and atrophy of the villi of the small intestine.

The disease is under diagnosed and may affect as much as 1% of the population oin the United States. If this disease is not diagnosed and treated, it can lead to malnutrition and other serious problems.

Significant deviations from the normal range may require further evaluation for celiac disease, more tests, diagnosis by your physician, in addition to Private MD's recommendations.

Private MD Lab Services offers the following panel for Celiac disease:

Celiac Disease Comprehensive Antibody Profile   $185.99 Add To Cart


The Celiac Disease Comprehensive Antibody Profile contains the following tests:

endomysial antibodies IgA
tissue transglutaminase, IgG
tissue transglutaminase, IgA deamidated gliadin IgA
deamidated gliadin IgG serum IgA quantitation




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